Magnificent Seven trip to Tenerife

Seven girls in a group in Tenerife, Spain
Portrait of Angel Lindberg Vazquez
Written by Angel Lindberg Vazquez on October 29th, 2019
SkyWay's Communications Coordinator/Youth Worker

After a rigorous application process, the final seven made it to Tenerife, Spain, for a once in a lifetime trip.

SkyWay were contacted at the beginning of the year by Paul Gordon, a local businessman who said that he would like to donate a holiday he had won at an auction to the Charity. We thought it would be a fabulous opportunity for a small group to take part.



The final 7 seven, who submitted very well thought out social action projects, were chosen to take part in the trip.The itinerary was jam packed with exciting activities over 10 days, with visits to Siam Park water park, el Teide Volcano and Loro Parque, as well the Botanical Gardens and nearby seaside attractions.

Another major part of the trip was to allow the young people to plan their Social Action Initiatives. They were able to showcase their creativity and planning skills, as well as budgeting, time management, and planning skills amongst others. They were also able to discuss and share how their ideas will help improve issues that are important to them in their communities. The trip also served as a space for the young people to improve their cultural awareness and provided the opportunity for them to experience a different culture in a new country.

The girls arrive in Tenerife, Spain
At Loro Parque

It was an amazing trip which all of our girls thoroughly enjoyed, and when it finally came to leave both girls and staff alike were sad that they couldn’t stay any longer. We hope to be able to do more trips like this in the future as going abroad serves as a unique opportunity for young people in our community, some of whom may never otherwise get the chance to do so.