May Half Term 2022

Written by Angel Lindberg Vazquez on July 12th, 2022
SkyWay's Communications Coordinator/Youth Worker

For our May half-term, we lined up several free to access activities for our youth groups to challenge them with new experiences that would take them out of their comfort zone, get them to conquer their fears, educate them and build resilience. Our half-term programme ran from the 30th May – 2nd June and ended with a community BBQ for all of the local residents and the young people who take part in our sessions.


ScienCe museum – minis

Our 6-8 year old Minis group travelled down to the Science Museum for their Wonderlab experience where they learnt about dry ice, space and time, lighting, gravity, friction and more. It was a trip that got them out of their usual environment and allowed them to experience new surroundings in a part of London that they wouldn’t usually find themselves in. We aim to support young people by letting them see what’s possible and what else there is outside of their immediate neighbourhood when their families may not have the means, either due to time or financial constraints to do so themselves. The Minis thoroughly enjoyed their trip and we had an imaginative game of riddles on the way back to the Blue Hut in the minibus.

This amazing string defied gravity

There was a globe that represented the sun as the planets rotated around it

Suddenly our Minis group multiplied!

Rock climbing – Younger futures

Our 8-14 year olds got their climb on at Clip ‘n Climb in Chelsea, once again taking them out of the area and into new surroundings. They had a ton of fun doing time-trialled climbing – a climbing wall where they had to race to the top to beat other young peoples’ times, a climbing slide where you climbed to the top of the slide and then slid down it and lots of different climbing walls with different difficulties and different holds making it a real challenge and lesson in perseverance. It was great seeing all of the group taking part, letting their energy loose and enjoying themselves in a new setting.

At the entrance to Clip ‘n Climb in Chelsea

This climbing wall had a timer to see how fast you could get to the top

Go Ape – Older Futures

Our 15+ year olds went obstacle coursing at Go Ape in Alexandra Palace and really had to test their nerves at high altitude on the climbing ropes and platforms. Even some of our young people who were scared of heights took part and were able to give it a shot and conquer their fears. We were really proud to see the group supporting one another and encouraging everybody there to get through the course. After the introduction course, we moved on to an even higher platform which served as a great ending run after warming up on the beginner course.

There were some nerves as our 15+’s got ready for their climb

It was tricky keeping your balance on these wooden slats on ropes

QUEEN’S JUBILEE Community bbq

We ran a community BBQ to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and bring all of our young people and parents together to enjoy fun and games, music, a bouncy castle, face painting and hot food. All of the young people really enjoyed themselves and it was a wonderful day of coming together and sharing a space as a community. We also had Hackney Council down to provide mental wellbeing advice for any community members that required it, as well as providing information on nearby Covid vaccination clinics and sharing practical information guides on the health risk of not vaccinating yourself to combat misinformation and fake health news.

The young people at the BBQ didn’t miss the chance to get their bounce on

Face painting at our community BBQ

We’re now looking forward to the summer and the opportunities for trying out more new things and working in partnership with other youth organisations. Half-term was a definitive success and that all of our young people enjoyed.

With half-term over we’re now back to our usual term-time schedule. For a full list of activities and times and to see what’s on check out our term timetable.