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About our gym

Our gym is fitted with some of the latest equipment available. Suitable for circuit sessions, one-to-one personal training, cardio and HIT sessions, as well as lighter yoga or stretching routines; you can be sure that you or your clients will get a sweat on.

Step inside and you’ll find a:

  • Flexible Smith Machine
  • Cardio Bike
  • Skiing Machine
  • Dumbbells – weighing from 1-30kg
  • 3 Olympic bars with plates ranging from 1.25-25kg
  • EZ curl bar
  • Cable machine with pull up bars
  • Multi-purpose machine: legs, chest, back, biceps and triceps
  • Back extension machine
  • A set of resistance bands
  • Sandbags ranging from 5-25kg
  • Medicine balls
  • Slam balls ranging from 5-20kg
  • Skipping ropes
  • Foam roller and deep tissue massage balls
  • Mats
  • Air conditioning


Where we are

Nearby stations: Hoxton (1.1km) / Old Street (0.3 km)
Bus routes: 21, 43, 76, 135, 141, 205, 214, 271, 394, N205

Check your journey


  • Wifi
  • Toilets
  • Limited parking
  • Refreshments


Standard rate Non-profit rate
Gym hire (per hour): 2 hour slots only for group booking of up to 4 people £15 per hour £10 per hour
Refreshments – tea, coffee, biscuits (per person) £3 £2
Wifi use (flat rate) £5 £4


Max four people.


Our gym is located at the Blue Hut Youth & Community Hub, which is fully accessible. Limited on-site parking is also available – for more information please mention your needs when contacting us.

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020 7729 6970

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