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Getting into our Summer of Fun at the Blue Hut

Here at SkyWay, we’re so excited for the summer ahead of us which will include football, dodgeball, animation, graffiti art and more. We’ve pulled together a whole host of exciting activities for young people from 6 to 25 to enjoy.

May Half Term 2022

For our May half term, we lined up several activities for our youth groups to challenge them with new experiences that would take them out of their comfort zone, get them to conquer their fears, educate them and build resilience.

Seeing 2021 out and bringing in 2022
We took our Older Futures group on a trip to Nando's at end of 2021

With continued restrictions as a result of the Covid Omicron variant, 2021 was a long and difficult year. Nonetheless, we’re incredibly proud of our work as a team in continuing to support our young people and community.

No Blue Hut, No Problem
Three boys from our 8-14 group crouched down holding curling stones

What do you do when your youth centre is closed, it’s October, you live in a very rainy city and you have 50+ 6-18-year-olds to entertain? We found out the hard way this term when the Blue Hut had to close for five weeks for maintenance.