It’s always been about young people

Portrait of Sam Mars
Written by Sam Mars on April 15th, 2021
SkyWay's Head of Fundraising and Communications

Since our launch in 2001, SkyWay has worked exclusively for and with young people aged 8-25 years old. But does this approach unconsciously treat young people differently from the communities they live in despite their lives often being shaped by the same factors as other members of the community?


We feel that to really have an impact on the lives and future prospects of young people we need to take a broader community approach so that alongside working with young people we can also offer support to their families and the wider local community. 

In collaboration with the young people, staff and Trustees we set about reviewing and updating our Memorandum and Articles – the key governing document for any charity. In early 2020, the Charity Commission agreed to the changes and we were really able to move forward with an increased focus on families and the community.

Another thing our review highlighted was that while we’re highly regarded by the people and organisations we work for, and collaborate with, we don’t really make a lot of noise about what we’re doing. We’re comfortable getting on with our essential work and having a direct impact but is this enough? Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself – particularly when this could have a positive impact on those around you. 


Once the change of remit was confirmed and the community and family work started, we decided toYour Future. Own it stickers change our look so that we can have a distinct identity that reflects who we are and what we now do. 

After a lot of research we chose to work with Wired Canvas – a small brand and web design company that is experienced in working with charities, offers a personalised service and has some great designs under their belt. Wired Canvas ran a series of surveys, workshops, gathered testimonials and spoke to our team and partners about the perception of SkyWay.  Through this process they identified how our team placed an importance on our young people and communities ‘doing it for themselves’. While we support, help, and offer opportunities we have always felt that a key element is giving people the skills to take control of their own lives and the confidence and self-belief to change their own futures. 

With all this in mind, we focused on modernising our logo, updating our youth focused strapline, and making the brand more relatable and relevant.



Old strapline

New straplines

We love the positive messages, and although a few of us were initially a little thrown by the pink [Ed. “it’s magenta!”], we soon grew to love the bold and fun colour!

We’re really pleased with the outcome. It puts an emphasis on young people without leaving out families and the community; it’s vibrant, bright, and enthusiastic; it tells a story and shows impact; and it’s more user friendly and welcoming.

Moving forwards

We hope you love the changes as much as we do. It puts us in a great position to do what we do best – work with young people and their communities. Keep an eye out for us – we’ll stand out more – and please say “Hi” when you see us virtually and physically. 

Contact us with any comments and if you have a story of working with SkyWay share it with us.