Nine questions with Marlon

Marlon holding a trophy
Written by Angel Lindberg Vazquez on May 1st, 2015
SkyWay's Communications Coordinator/Youth Worker

Marlon is our Senior Programmes Manager and the longest standing member of staff here at SkyWay, having recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary with us.

1. So Marlon, how did you become involved in SkyWay?

I first became involved with SkyWay as a Sports Development Worker in March 2005.

2. Tell us an interesting fact about you?

I’m a part-time events promoter and DJ which involves me organising various urban events which I’ve done in London and across Europe for over 15 years.

3. Which young person/people have inspired you?

Seeing the SkyWay Sessional Workers and Peers grow and lead on sessions over the years has been very inspirational to me as I like to see them excel in their positions.

4. What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory, was my Grandad’s brand new yellow Ford Capri in the early 80s, which I was really excited about as a 5 year old.

5. What would you tell your younger self?

To grab all opportunities given to you in life and to be kind and helpful to others.

6. What’s the best thing about Hackney?

The neighbourhood in Hackney is nice and the stigma in the borough is incorrect as it is a vibrant area.

7. What meal would you share with a young person?

A freshly made Jamaican seafood meal with roast bread fruit and Bammy which is very finger licking,

8. How would you like to be remembered?

As a caring and thoughtful person.

9. What have you learnt from young people?

Various youth slang which is interesting as various words from the 90s are being used again by young people.

Thanks Marlon!