Youth engagement

Football session
Portrait of Angel Lindberg Vazquez
Written by Angel Lindberg Vazquez on November 15th, 2019
Angel is SkyWay's Communications Coordinator/Youth Worker

Our youth sessions have seen a huge increase in engagement over the last three months with more than 40 young people attending for each age group on a weekly basis.

The young people have been involved in the planning, which has seen them having a say in what activities they get to do, as well as getting to grips with budgeting and how to plan and execute sessions. We’re thrilled as this means that we’re getting more direct feedback from them, ensuring our sessions are tailored to what our young people want and need, with them achieving real ownership of the activities.

Football Sessions

Our football sessions now take place 4 times per week and currently have over 50 young people from various age groups taking part in each session. The groups have great support from parents, who attend most of the sessions.

Older Group

Our older group is back, engaging regularly, and taking part in the many opportunities that we’ve worked hard to provide for them. This includes:

They’ve also been using the music studio as an outlet for their creativity and to showcase their writing and production skills.


More than 300 people from the community attended our annual summer BBQ. The event was a huge success and feeds into our mission of wanting to foster community pride, to be the go to place for young people when they need support, and for being a safe space for the community!

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