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No Blue Hut, No Problem
Three boys from our 8-14 group crouched down holding curling stones

What do you do when your youth centre is closed, it’s October, you live in a very rainy city and you have 50+ 6-18-year-olds to entertain? We found out the hard way this term when the Blue Hut had to close for five weeks for maintenance.

Joshua – From Young Person to Successful Entrepreneur

Joshua Sokoya is the Managing Director of Custom Crep City UK, and the newest addition to SkyWay’s board of trustees. Joshua took part in SkyWay’s youth and mentoring programmes, running a tuck shop and learning...

Summer 2021
Young girl observing bike technician at work fixing her bike

With a summer which was a return from over a year of having been in lockdown, the aim was to get our young people active, rebuilding their post-lockdown relationships and eating healthily.

Loneliness Awareness Week 2021
Loneliness Awareness Week 2021

The 14th-18th of June was Marmalade Trust's loneliness awareness week, and following up on it, we wanted to touch on the importance that physical and mental wellbeing has for our overall health.